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Day 24 – Christmas Nails

It’s been a busy week… 4 exams and 3 tutor meetings later, it’s finally the end of the semester! 

Now we can go FULL CHRISTMAS 😍🎄🎅

I’ve already had enough mulled wine, prosecco, mince pies and hot chocolate to get in the spirit of things so here are the best ideas for festive nails that I could find on Pinterest!

Happy Saturday 🎄🎅⛄



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Day 7

So, during this week’s Strictly I decided beyond a reasonable doubt that my favourite person on TV is Claudia Winkleman. She is not only one of the wittiest presenters on the BBC but a philanthropist, film critic, newspaper columnist, queen of sass…

In case you don’t yet agree, here are the top 5 reasons why Claudia Winkleman is the coolest person on TV:

5. She doesn’t own a TV but she is the hilarious host of the adorable Great British Sewing Bee 😍

4. She says it as it is…

“Nepotism is a magnificent thing. Not in the sense of “Don’t worry, love, I’ll get you a job”, but because they can give you advice.”

Further proof here!!

3. She has an MA from Cambridge in Art History 😎 

2. She is simply confidence goals:

1. She makes waves for all of us – whether she’s challenging government regulations on flammable children’s clothing, hosting charity fundraisers or taking a stand against airbrushing, she’s one of the best role models on TV. 🙌🌈

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Day 6 -Makeup

“Live your eyeliner, bleed your lipstick and kill for each other” – Lady Gaga

I’ve only gone and collected 22 of the most amazing makeup looks on Pinterest…

Makeup is an obsession, an art form, wearable self expression.

Aside from showcasing the astounding things that makeup artists can create, these photos are just gorgeous.

Enjoy 😍💛