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Day 40 – Hygge Mania

The hygge lifestyle is the phenomenon of the moment and to be honest, the Danes are spot on with this one. The basic principles: be cosy, well fed, comfortable and happy.

Here are 10 of the most hygge things I could find… After all, new year = new blankets?

1. This blanket from John Lewis

2. This cardigan from Monki

3. This pot pie

4. This one pot pasta

5. These warm cocktails

6. This house on the Isle of Skye (in our dreams)

7. This apple cinnamon bread

8. This cinnamon hot chocolate with orange syrup

9. This oversized scarf from Zara

10. This chunky blanket from the White Company

Happy hygge!

Thank you for the recipes and photos 🙌😍💛

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Day 39 – Greek life

It’s a funny old life when you’re half Greek in England, or anywhere in the world really. Today’s post is dedicated to the entertaining little things people have said when I mention my heritage – from quips about my appearance to confusion about food and language 🇬🇷😂😍

  • Greek? I don’t like olives 
  • Your hair is soooo curly, how long does it take to straighten it? 
  • Why do you even bother with sun cream 
  • What on earth is a name day?
  • I love your mum’s accent! 
  • What is your lunch? *something unpronounceable* 
  • You’re half Greek? I went to Cyprus once!
  • You’re half Greek? I went to Malia once!
  • Does your mum speak English? 
  • Do you know how to make hummus? 
  • How can hair be naturally curly? 
  • Why do you celebrate Easter twice?
  • What is baklava? 
  • What do you think about the Greek economy? 
  • What do you mean you don’t have turkey at Christmas?
  • You have a lot of icons around the house…
  • Do you identify as white? 
  • You guys all talk at once 


P.s visit Greece! 

P.p.s Thanks for the memes 😍😘


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Day 30 – Travel

I know I said that this wasn’t intended to be a travel blog but today I have to break my rules (again) 🙈

The Netherlands at Christmas is something you have to see, especially Leiden. I’ve been to Leiden a few times and it never disappoints but even I was amazed by how beautiful it is at Christmas!

The best thing about Leiden at this time of year is the floating Christmas market

The market is assembled on barges in the centre of town and you can even ice skate where the water used to be.

At/near the market you can also:

– Have a beer and soak up the atmosphere! There is a stand in the market serving Pronck, a highly recommended local beer. Also the waterside pubs like Einstein have outdoor seating under the Christmas lights with blankets.

– Visit bakeries such as Bakker Van Maanen and Jacobs which have special Christmas treats (they’d also make great presents)

– Pop in to the Waag bar for a boozy coffee or a hot chocolate!

– EAT DUTCH WAFFLES or maybe go to Oudt Leyden for enormous, xl pizza sized pancakes 🍕

Photo credit to 3rdspaceproject!!

– Buy Christmas decorations, gifts, scarves, hats, jumpers, socks… All things festive!

Have a beautiful evening 🎅😍

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Day 29 – Christmas ⛄

Last minute Christmas present finders – this post is for you!

I’m travelling a lot this Christmas so (for slightly self-serving reasons) I thought I’d have a look for easy DIY Christmas gifts. 

The good news is they exist, the better news is that I’ve made a list!

Happy crafting 🙌

Candy cane sugar scrub? Yes please, Santa 🎅

Or a gingerbread one!

Why not make this sweet festive treat

…Or its citrussy, gin flavoured cousin?

Speaking of alcohol, what could be better than Christmas pudding vodka 🍸

Or a gift that can be personalised to anyone’s tastes ☕

And this cute mug looks easy peasy 😍

Finally, for those more artistically inclined, you could even personalise a tote.

Thank you to everyone for your amazing ideas!


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Day 7

So, during this week’s Strictly I decided beyond a reasonable doubt that my favourite person on TV is Claudia Winkleman. She is not only one of the wittiest presenters on the BBC but a philanthropist, film critic, newspaper columnist, queen of sass…

In case you don’t yet agree, here are the top 5 reasons why Claudia Winkleman is the coolest person on TV:

5. She doesn’t own a TV but she is the hilarious host of the adorable Great British Sewing Bee 😍

4. She says it as it is…

“Nepotism is a magnificent thing. Not in the sense of “Don’t worry, love, I’ll get you a job”, but because they can give you advice.”

Further proof here!!

3. She has an MA from Cambridge in Art History 😎 

2. She is simply confidence goals:

1. She makes waves for all of us – whether she’s challenging government regulations on flammable children’s clothing, hosting charity fundraisers or taking a stand against airbrushing, she’s one of the best role models on TV. 🙌🌈

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Day 6 -Makeup

“Live your eyeliner, bleed your lipstick and kill for each other” – Lady Gaga

I’ve only gone and collected 22 of the most amazing makeup looks on Pinterest…

Makeup is an obsession, an art form, wearable self expression.

Aside from showcasing the astounding things that makeup artists can create, these photos are just gorgeous.

Enjoy 😍💛