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Day 35 – Sweden

This chilly weather has got me thinking about Scandinavia and, more importantly, about food. My parents worked in Sweden for many years and still miss it to this day so, naturally, Swedish food comes out in the form of a smorgasbord whenever we have a big celebration e.g Christmas Eve tomorrow!

Here are 7 of the best foods to try in Sweden (they’re not all Christmassy) πŸ’›πŸ’™

1. Marabou chocolate is perfection. Try the milk or daim versions and the rolls are amazing!

2. Toast Skagen – these are basically open shrimp sandwiches with mayo, salad and sometimes even caviar! Decadent 🐟

3. Chai lattes – I know, I know, you can get these in any country that has a Starbucks but believe me, the Swedes have taken this spicy drink to a whole new level! Try Espresso House if you can 😘

4. Jansson’s temptation – this is the classic and delicious potato and fish combo that we Brits know and love but in an even more comforting bake!

Recipe here!

5. Semla – a cardamom spiced bun filled with cream, what more could a person want? Eat with coffee or warm milk β˜•

6. Kalles kaviar – trust me on this one, it looks weird but it’s so tasty served on toast or Swedish crispbread with egg and/or cucumber:

7. PrinsesstΓ₯rta – said to have been a royal favourite, this is the famous green cake that everyone needs in their life. Go and channel your inner princess πŸ‘‘

Thank you for the good-enough-to-eat photos πŸ™ŒπŸ˜

Happy Christmas Eve’s Eve! πŸŽ…β›„πŸŒ²πŸΎ

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Day 31

Since this is the time of year for dreams to come true, I’m bringing you a list of things to hope for: Foreign foods that the UK (and maybe everywhere else) needs more of!

I hope you enjoy 😁

1. Swiss raclette πŸ§€ yes, it is exactly how it looks – take a big cheese, melt it, scrape it over potatoes…

2. Russian waffle sandwiches (мягкиС Π²Π°Ρ„Π»ΠΈ). You heard me, the Russians are SANDWICHING waffles 😍 fillings include jam, buttercream, a combo of both, caramel, even a chewy marshmallow.

3. Dutch fries with mayo, ketchup and onion (trust me, perfect combo)

4. Khachapuri – a Georgian staple food that is basically deep pan pizza dough made into a boat and filled with cheese and egg or meat. Other variations include lobiani which is flat and filled with beans.

5. Sokolatina (σοκολατινα) – this is a beautifully decorated Greek chocolate cake made by alternating chocolate sponge and mousse!

6. Cailler chocolate – somehow our supermarkets prefer Lindt but Swiss brand Cailler comes in so many flavours that your heart will ache for what we don’t have 🍫

7. Skioufihta (σκιουφιχτα) is a Greek pasta dish. In Crete the pasta is hand rolled into little tubes and then cooked with stock and cheese! Simple and delicious.

8. Humita – I haven’t even tried this glorious, Latin American, steamed sweetcorn creation in its homeland but in a fairly authentic Argentinian restaurant in the Netherlands and it was delicious!

9. Π‘Ρ‹Ρ€ΠΎΠΊ (pronounced sirok) – how do I even begin to describe this… It’s like the miniature, individually packaged lovechild of a cheesecake and a choc ice that you can eat for breakfast, as a snack or for dessert. Often they come with fillings like jam or caramel as well πŸ™Œ

    Thank you for reading!


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    Day 20 – Mini Festive Treats!

    Food week is coming to an end and I don’t know about you but I think it’s time for a list of festive recipes. 

    Christmas is such a sweet time of year that I’ve decided to find a few ideas for easy sweet treats for you! 

    Bonus: most of them are just an assembly job so you can focus on having all the Christmas fun outside the kitchen πŸŽ„πŸ˜πŸ¬

    Enjoy β›„πŸŽ

    • Or line with melted chocolate and then fill them with milk for the kids and Bailey’s for yourself / Santa πŸŽ…

      • Make your peanut butter cups into Santas! You don’t even need a recipe for this one πŸ™Œ

      • Another idea with no recipe – make your peanut butter cups and Hershey’s kisses into Christmas trees! (Don’t worry everyone, you can get Hershey’s kisses in the UK too) 

      SO CUTE 🌈

      • Cut brownies into triangles, ice and cover in sprinkled and finish with a candy cane!

      • Cut your biscuit dough into different sized flowers and stack them up with icing or marshmallow fluff!

      • This ultimate easy peasy nutella cheesecake isn’t mini but it is a crowd pleaser and you can put loads of Christmassy sprinkles on it or line Ferrero Rochers around the edge 😍


        As ever, thank you to everyone for the photos, inspiration and recipes πŸ’›πŸ’›

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        Day 19 – Foodie week continues!

        You know what I’ve done for all of you explorers of food and earth? I’ve made a list of the best places I have eaten pizza in Birmingham, UK! 

        Birmingham is a great city, especially for food. We have the Balti Triangle, Chinatown, endless gastro pubs and restaurant chains, gourmet burger bars… But today, in the interests of not harping on about how unjustly unloved the UK’s second city is, I’ll just focus on pizza!

        Here is a short list of fantastic pizzas and where to find them:
        5. Strada, the Mailbox

        The Mailbox is the classic date-night location for tasty food and pretty views. You can stroll around by waters edge, pop up to the top of the Cube for a drink… Or, stop messing around and go to Strada for a pizza! The pasta is lovely too.

        4. La Vera, Martineau Place

        An independent restaurant dedicated pretty much solely to pizza, they just cannot seem to go wrong! Their menu features sweet pizzas as well πŸ™Œ

        3. Portofino, Jewellery Quarter

        As if anyone needed another reason to go to the Jewellery Quarter, Portofino does great pizza and you can stop for a rooftop drink at the Button Factory on the way!

        The Button FaStreet

        2. San Carlo, Temple Street

        My absolute favourite Italian restaurant in Birmingham is San Carlo. It offers great value for high quality food, the restaurant itself is very romantic and the drinks are gorgeous too. Themushroom pizza with truffle is definitely worth a try and the pasta dishes are to dHarborne

        1. The Plough, Harborne

        Harborne is one of the loveliest areas to eat and drink in Birmingham. Bordered by Edgbaston and Selly Oak, it has the perfect mix of quality and student-friendly eateries. The Plough is possibly one of the best pubs in Birmingham and their Pizza Mondays and weekday calzone deals make it my number 1 for pizza.

        I’ll just leave all these photos of this ever-rejuvenating, edgy, industrial-chic city here as well, in case you want to visit πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

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        Day 18


        They’re staging Laura Wade’s play Posh, which may or may not based on the Bullingdon Club, with an all female cast. Great news for anyone (everyone) who thinks the Oxford male dining club’s antics are a little… PassΓ©. 

        If you’re as excited as I am for the female version, read this article to find out more.

        In honour of this, and because it’s food week, here’s a list of cool posh toast recipes!

        • Posh beans on toast (sorry to my fellow brits, pls hold on to your hats because there’s another one to come)

        Thank you to all the amazing bloggers and chefs for your recipes, photos and inspiration. For more delicious toast ideas read this!

        P.s. It’s almost Friday 😍🌈😊

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        Day 17 – foodie week part 3

        Today has been a stressful day… Cancelled meetings, cancelled trains, traffic jams, mock exams. I’m writing to you from the back of an Uber and we’ve been in traffic for so long that my driver is doing a sudoku.
        What could make things better, I hear you ask. SUSHI.

        I bought some from Grand Central, Birmingham as a pick-me-up after my train home was cancelled but it did get me thinking about easy ways to make sushi yourself… 

        Being as this is food week, here are some photos of temari sushi, basically food art in the form of little handmade rice balls! Enjoy 😍

        • A quick how-to:
        1. Make sushi rice.
        2. Allow to cool.
        3. Roll into a ball.
        4. Place any sushi topping you fancy on a sheet of cling film.
        5. Place ball into cling film on the topping.
        6. Wrap tightly.
        7. Unwrap and serve!

        Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, make them square!


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        Day 16 – Foodie week part 2!

        So in my quest for amazing brain food, I started to research eggs. 

        Aside from the obvious benefits of protein, vitamins A, D, E and K, Zinc, Selenium, B12, eggs contain a substance called choline, which helps your neurotransmitters! 

        Good news for vegans or anyone with allergies – tofu is also an excellent source of choline πŸ™Œ

        Here are a few ideas for egg boats! 

        • The mix and match, unscrambled one (even easier!)

        • The veggie mushroom and tomato one

        • The ham-lined portable one, yep it’s as easy as that!

        • If you prefer not to eat eggs, look no further! Just put this filling in a baguette boat and top with avocado 😍

          Happy Tuesday 🌈🍳