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Day 39 – Greek life

It’s a funny old life when you’re half Greek in England, or anywhere in the world really. Today’s post is dedicated to the entertaining little things people have said when I mention my heritage – from quips about my appearance to confusion about food and language 🇬🇷😂😍

  • Greek? I don’t like olives 
  • Your hair is soooo curly, how long does it take to straighten it? 
  • Why do you even bother with sun cream 
  • What on earth is a name day?
  • I love your mum’s accent! 
  • What is your lunch? *something unpronounceable* 
  • You’re half Greek? I went to Cyprus once!
  • You’re half Greek? I went to Malia once!
  • Does your mum speak English? 
  • Do you know how to make hummus? 
  • How can hair be naturally curly? 
  • Why do you celebrate Easter twice?
  • What is baklava? 
  • What do you think about the Greek economy? 
  • What do you mean you don’t have turkey at Christmas?
  • You have a lot of icons around the house…
  • Do you identify as white? 
  • You guys all talk at once 


P.s visit Greece! 

P.p.s Thanks for the memes 😍😘


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