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Day 30 – Travel

I know I said that this wasn’t intended to be a travel blog but today I have to break my rules (again) 🙈

The Netherlands at Christmas is something you have to see, especially Leiden. I’ve been to Leiden a few times and it never disappoints but even I was amazed by how beautiful it is at Christmas!

The best thing about Leiden at this time of year is the floating Christmas market

The market is assembled on barges in the centre of town and you can even ice skate where the water used to be.

At/near the market you can also:

– Have a beer and soak up the atmosphere! There is a stand in the market serving Pronck, a highly recommended local beer. Also the waterside pubs like Einstein have outdoor seating under the Christmas lights with blankets.

– Visit bakeries such as Bakker Van Maanen and Jacobs which have special Christmas treats (they’d also make great presents)

– Pop in to the Waag bar for a boozy coffee or a hot chocolate!

– EAT DUTCH WAFFLES or maybe go to Oudt Leyden for enormous, xl pizza sized pancakes 🍕

Photo credit to 3rdspaceproject!!

– Buy Christmas decorations, gifts, scarves, hats, jumpers, socks… All things festive!

Have a beautiful evening 🎅😍

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