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Day 28 – Coco Dávez Artist Profile

As a new student of art and an old student of Spanish, I’ve become obsessed with the artist Coco Dávez. 

I first came across Dávez on Instagram and I immediately fell in love because her art is so colourful, bold and fun. Dávez, from Madrid, frequently uses primary colours and bold shapes so it feels like it’s always summertime on her site 🍉🍉

As an artist, Dávez’s style lies somewhere between pop art and new realism but she dabbles in body art and makes small prints and postcards as well. Dávez’s art is so modern and accessible because, as pointed out in this article, it is displayed first and foremost in the public gallery of social media. 

Here are a few of Dávez’s works, mainly from the Faceless collection, as well as some others from her Instagram. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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Muchas gracias 😘

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