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Day 23 – Neon

As you might have noticed from my blog header, I’m quite a fan of the neon artist Jung Lee and in the interests of not writing about Christmas again (for the third time this week 🎅🎄🎁) I’m going to share some neon art with you instead!

Neon art lies somewhere in the intersection between poetry, sculpture, landscape photography and street art. Neon artists can also use light and colour in a way that isn’t seen through any other medium. It’s worth reading this article in Complex to discover more amazing artists than I’ve included in this post.

Here are a few of my favourites and examples of their beautiful work! 😊

Jung Lee:

Robert Montgomery:

Tracy Emin:

Massimo Uberti:

Tim Etchells:

Gavin Turk:

Pacifico Palumbo:

Have a great evening 😍🙌🌈

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