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Day 22 – Christmas Decor

It’s almost the end of term and I’m sliding down a slippery slope at full speed towards Christmas 🎄🎁
Today I’ve spent an unhealthy amout of time looking at easy, inexpensive ideas for Christmas decorations! 

Here are my favourite few 😍🙌

  • This little vase of lights

  • These giant pine cones

  • These paper Christmas trees!

  • And these as well

  • These simple hanging wreaths

  • And their red ribboned cousins!

  • This artsy string of baubles

  • This easy peasy garland

  • These decorated branches in vases

  • These candles in mugs (I’d keep an eye on these at all times)

  • This giant candle in a vase!

  • These tiny little Christmas trees in corks

  • This glorious bowl of silver decorations

  • And this dramatic row of candles and berries!

Happy decorating!

P.s thank you for the inspiration 🎅⛄

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