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Day 19 – Foodie week continues!

You know what I’ve done for all of you explorers of food and earth? I’ve made a list of the best places I have eaten pizza in Birmingham, UK! 

Birmingham is a great city, especially for food. We have the Balti Triangle, Chinatown, endless gastro pubs and restaurant chains, gourmet burger bars… But today, in the interests of not harping on about how unjustly unloved the UK’s second city is, I’ll just focus on pizza!

Here is a short list of fantastic pizzas and where to find them:
5. Strada, the Mailbox

The Mailbox is the classic date-night location for tasty food and pretty views. You can stroll around by waters edge, pop up to the top of the Cube for a drink… Or, stop messing around and go to Strada for a pizza! The pasta is lovely too.

4. La Vera, Martineau Place

An independent restaurant dedicated pretty much solely to pizza, they just cannot seem to go wrong! Their menu features sweet pizzas as well 🙌

3. Portofino, Jewellery Quarter

As if anyone needed another reason to go to the Jewellery Quarter, Portofino does great pizza and you can stop for a rooftop drink at the Button Factory on the way!

The Button FaStreet

2. San Carlo, Temple Street

My absolute favourite Italian restaurant in Birmingham is San Carlo. It offers great value for high quality food, the restaurant itself is very romantic and the drinks are gorgeous too. Themushroom pizza with truffle is definitely worth a try and the pasta dishes are to dHarborne

1. The Plough, Harborne

Harborne is one of the loveliest areas to eat and drink in Birmingham. Bordered by Edgbaston and Selly Oak, it has the perfect mix of quality and student-friendly eateries. The Plough is possibly one of the best pubs in Birmingham and their Pizza Mondays and weekday calzone deals make it my number 1 for pizza.

I’ll just leave all these photos of this ever-rejuvenating, edgy, industrial-chic city here as well, in case you want to visit 😉😍

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