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Day 15 – Foodie week!

Hello everyone! 

It’s almost the end of term and, as ever, I have a whole heap of assessments and coursework to do… So what have I decided to do instead of setting up camp in the University library? Focus on fuelling my brain, of course! 
Welcome to day one of my foodie week where I will post recipes that are good for brain and soul so we can all look after ourselves a bit before Christmas 😊 🍳⛄🎄

Since it’s my first post of the week I’ll begin with a list of blueberry breakfast bonanzas to start the week right.

Blueberries are supposed to help your memory, they are an antioxidant and they may even help to increase dopamine levels and boost the immune system – all good things when you need your brain functioning at its best! Enjoy:

  • A blueberry muffin’s healthier cousin disguised as a smoothie 🙌

Happy food week! 

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