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Day 14 – Kellan Hendry

“Warping the whole sky into the hands of a single person, imagine that?” – Kellan Hendry

It’s Saturday! 🙌🍦

Today, in the interests of photography inspiration, I thought I would share my favourite Instagram account with you: kellansworld.

Run by 18yo Kellan Hendry (don’t we all feel old now), the account’s magical photos are otherworldly, imaginative, absorbing.

For those with a little more technological aptitude, Hendry occasionally explains how he creates his images and gives photography tips. His bio also has a link to his presets. 

All in all, while selfies are gorgeous for self esteem and snaps of everyone’s lunch makes me want to cook, finding young artists like this to cut through same-old is what keeps Insta fresh.

Enjoy xo


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