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Day 13 – Body Beautiful

Body shaming, Photoshop, unrealistic beauty ideals… They’ll affect us all in some way in our lifetime, it’s the way advertising and celeb culture works. 

It’s not all doom and gloom though, because every now and then someone calls it out so we can all feel good again 🙌 

We all remember Lorde posting un-photoshopped pics of herself in concert on Twitter, Emma Watson being so done with the system she actually used the F word twice *gasp*, and Jennifer Lawrence asking the real questions: “what are you going to do? Be hungry every single day to make other people happy?”

But even better than that is the solid, unstoppable, inspirational spokesperson on the matter: Iskra Lawrence. 

She’s a homegrown English model from Worcester and she made headlines this week when she undressed on a New York train to condemn body shaming (watch the video here).

So here are the main reasons to keep an eye on Iskra:

  1. She created RunwayRiot
  2. She calls the “plus size model” label out for what it is… “What upsets me is the fact that if you’ve catagorised me, you’ve categorised all women my size and above in the real world. The term has a really negative connotation thanks to the fashion industry, and that’s why we don’t use labels on Runway Riot.” (16 is actually average size in the UK) 
  3. She is an ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association and she supports and teaches within the Body Project. 
  4. She starred in the All Woman Project and absolutely killed it 😍 
  5. She is relatable. She once said “I was done with editing myself, my body and my opinions,” and frankly I’m glad because unedited Iskra is just perfect. 
  6. She uses social media in the best way possible. Follow her Instagram here


    Happy Friday 🌈👑😍

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