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Day 12

It’s nearly Friday!

I hope you’ve had an inspired week 😍 

This post is dedicated to my favourite comic online! Poorly Drawn Lines is cool, clean, cartoon perfection and it’s addictive.

Here are 16 times PDL got way too real recently:

  1.  On media: 
  2. On your personal bubble:
  3. On modesty:
  4. On dieting:
  5. On technological advances:
  6. On perspective…
  7. On time travel:
  8. On life vs Hollywood:
  9.  On ice cream:
  10. On rock and roll:
  11. On being cool:
  12. On assuming the best:
  13. On problem solving:
  14. On city life:
  15. On pets:
  16. On getting rich:

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