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Day 10 – naan pizzas

Pizza is great all year round but what does winter need? Naan pizzas. Easy to make, easy to eat, what could be better?

Here are 10 ideas for exotic naan pizza toppings and some photos that look vaguely like them so you can feel the inspiration!

  1. Smother it in chana masala
  2. Douse it in saag paneer 
  3. Cover it in kadai mushrooms
  4. Put raita, chickpeas, tomato and onions on it
  5. Try a mango topping
  6. Or aubergines
  7. Venture out of South Asia and top your naan with avocado, pomegranate and feta
  8. Add ras-el-hanout and hummus for a North African twist
  9. As above but WITH EGGS
  10. Green curry with a little less sauce splattered on a naan pizza? Yes 😍


    NB these photos do not belong to me xx

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