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Day 8 – Winter Hair

Yep, it’s official, winter has hit the UK in full, grizzly force. Storm Angus last night has left us all windswept, puddly, frosty toed… As a collective we haven’t seen sunlight in 24 hours, we’ve spent the weekend in front of the fire at the pub and we’re digging out our bobble hats.

In short, it’s COLD and it’s already taking its toll… Especially on our hair.
To make you feel snuggly again, I’ve found you enough hat hairstyles for the next week and a half! Enjoy:

1. Classic, easy, messy braids. You’ll be ready and out of the door in 2 mins, plus this is totally weatherproof.

2. Copy Rihanna, the queen of hats, and scoop your hair to one side.

3. Try a messy side ponytail à la Bey. Perfect hat 🙌

4. The neater version of the side ponytail which can also be snazzed up by tying the top section into a knot like this:


5. Cute little front plaits or one big, majestic front plait as below:

6. The messy fishtail. As always, a fishtail looks more romantic when it’s a little rough around the edges.

7. The cool-girl curly fringe 😍

8. A messy low bun – switch out the cap for a warm beanie.

9. Minimal braid with cute flyaway strands so no one will notice if it’s been windy 😉

10. A side plait that frames your face as well? Yes pls.

11. And if it all goes wrong just do a Rihanna and leave nothing but a few curls out!

Have a perfect week 😇

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