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Day 7

So, during this week’s Strictly I decided beyond a reasonable doubt that my favourite person on TV is Claudia Winkleman. She is not only one of the wittiest presenters on the BBC but a philanthropist, film critic, newspaper columnist, queen of sass…

In case you don’t yet agree, here are the top 5 reasons why Claudia Winkleman is the coolest person on TV:

5. She doesn’t own a TV but she is the hilarious host of the adorable Great British Sewing Bee 😍

4. She says it as it is…

“Nepotism is a magnificent thing. Not in the sense of “Don’t worry, love, I’ll get you a job”, but because they can give you advice.”

Further proof here!!

3. She has an MA from Cambridge in Art History 😎 

2. She is simply confidence goals:

1. She makes waves for all of us – whether she’s challenging government regulations on flammable children’s clothing, hosting charity fundraisers or taking a stand against airbrushing, she’s one of the best role models on TV. 🙌🌈

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