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Day 5

​”The greatest art always does have a kernel of mystery – Simon Wallis”

  • Listen to: I’m putting my music discovery in first place because this song is the best thing to happen today. LISTEN TO THIS RIGHT NOW AND WATCH THE VIDEO Sleep on the floor – The Lumineers
  • Read: this article in The Guardian about Helen Marten winning the Hepworth prize for her sculptures, which provoke reactions of equal parts fascination, confusion and admiration. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this article, though, is Marten’s opinion on art prizes. Preach 🙌
  • Watch: Noam Chomsky in Requiem for the American Dream on Netflix for some mind bending questions about why the economy fails so many, not just in the States but in much of the Western world. This is a little too earth shattering for a fragile Monday viewer, so maybe tonight’s the night and you can give yourself the weekend to recover.
  • Eat: some fancy porridge tomorrow morning, but pls don’t put an egg on it…

    And don’t worry, it’s almost Friday 😉😍

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