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Day 4 – ‘Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories’ Review

Ever had one of those drunk, crazy conversations in a kebab shop in the middle of the night? Well, swap out the alcohol and switch in Japanese food and you’re basically an extra on Netflix’s Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories. 

The series is completely bingeable, especially for the travelholics and foodies among us because the language is beautiful to listen to and the food is just so… Japanese 😍

At the start of each episode you find yourself in the back of a taxi hurtling through dizzying, neon Tokyo to the doorstep of the Midnight Diner. There you meet the owner, a straight talking chef known as the Master, who has a scarred face, a short, simple menu and only opens up shop from 12-7am. Characters whose stories intertwine with the diner include a late-night radio star, a taxi driver who knows every single street in Tokyo by heart, actors, office workers, lovers, lawyers, comedians.

Without giving too much away, in episode 1 you can look forward to a little love story, Tan-Men without noodles and a life lesson in being yourself. All I’ll say is that each 25 minute episode is a tiny sushi roll of endearing, funny, light-hearted storytelling wrapped in Tokyo sights.

Also, watch out for a slightly dubious moustache in episode 2 😇

Enjoy xx

P.s here’s the theme tune!

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